Flying Dachshunds Pet Travel Services

Let our staff remove the stress and worry that accompanies traveling with your pet. Travel arrangements with the airlines are not always easy especially, if your pet is too large to travel with you in the passenger cabin. Certain provisions are necessary for your pet to travel safely in the cargo compartment. International travel has become far more difficult lately. It is a maze of requirements, vaccinations, Rabies vaccine titers and health certificates, whicmust be prepared by Veterinarians who are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture.
Our staff has navigated through this maze of travel requirements for both domestic & international travel for the past 15 years. We know which airlines to trust, how to research travel requirements, and have successfully prepared health certificates for many pets that have traveled domestically to Florida & Hawaii and internationally to England, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Travel services we provide:

  • Research of travel requirements
  • Preparation of travel documents & USDA certifications
  • Airline travel arrangements
  • Transport to & from airports (Newark, JFK, Philadelphia, Trenton, Atlantic City)
  • Travel crate selection
  • Microchip identification
  • Physical examinations, vaccinations, deworming, & Rabies vaccine titers to satisfy requirements
  • Etc.

If you will be traveling with your pet in the passenger cabin, dogs & cats less than 20 lbs., we can advise you of travel requirements, prepare & certify travel documents. If your pet will be traveling alone as cargo we can provide all of the above services as needed. We can schedule physical examinations, vaccinations, deworming, micro-chipping, and Rabies vaccination titers with one of our Veterinarians or we will consult with your own Veterinarian. We can transport your beloved pet to the airport. We can even accompany your pet on the airline and transport them door to door to their new home.
Let us do all the work for you so you do not have to worry about traveling with your pet or safely transporting them as cargo.

Below is a list of fees.

Please contact our office for an accurate quote:

Researching & preparing travel documents, includes physical examination, treatments additional:
Domestic – $130.00, International – $345.00.

Airline cargo transport fees: domestic – $200-400, international – $500-1000

Airport transportation from your home in central NJ to the airport:
Newark & Trenton – $300, Atlantic City – $400, Philadelphia, JFK (Long Island) – $500

Airline approved transport crates: $75-250 depending on size of animal