Our goal is to provide your family pets with the highest quality medical, surgical and dental care. Sadly, the trend in veterinary medicine has been geared towards larger facilities with multiple doctors. Unfortunately, patient care suffers as patients are forced through an “assembly line” of medical care. One of our strengths is our ability to listen to our clients and treat all of their pet’s needs. Our staff knows each patient by name, not by a number. Dr. Bach’s thorough physical examinations and diagnostic testing coupled with our well trained staff allows us to provide exceptional individualized care.

Unlike many hospitals that schedule 15 minute appointments, Marlboro Village Veterinary Hospital schedules appointments every 30 minutes to provide enough time for Dr. Bach and his staff to address all of our patient’s medical needs.
If the need arises for specialty care, we have a network of board certified specialists we can bring “in-house” or refer you to their office with confidence.
Experience the difference on how our personal care approach benefits the health and well-being of your pet.